/ˈnō-MƏN-ē /

Noun, Latin: “name of”, derivation of -nymic “name derived from,” “name system” or “nomenclature.”
Marque mavens. Lexicon lovers.

About Nomeni

We are brand focused. Creatively driven. Interested in you. 

Nomeni is the nimble branding agency our clients asked for: more brand-savvy, intellectual, emotion-driven and visual prowess than a single freelance lexicographer or designer, but for a fraction of the cost of the big boys.

We sourced friends who had an intuitive grasp of brand strategy and a penchant for clever creative that could break through. We streamlined our structure and developed a flexible process. We wanted to work with people who would roll up their sleeves and get it done.

Hence, we have a single, small “A Team” and nobody else. We can quickly tackle problems, develop creative solutions, and, thanks to our friends in the Haystack Needle family, execute across any digital or print media.

Our team members include:

Brad Egnor is a design director with four senses and a super power. Brad is a maven at clever, visual clues that tap the unconscious, raise eyebrows and challenge our clients to think creatively. Brad is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design and has been designing professionally for more than 25 years. His favorite clients have included HBO, Coca-Cola, Seer Capital, Hearst Corporation, Magnolia Pictures, Victorias Secret, SteelCore.

Tracy Schwartz is a creative director, a strategist and a brilliant communicator. Tracy spent over 12 years as a VP and lead of the digital communications group at Sard Verbinnen, a global communications firm. She is also a driven mother, a board member of several organizations and drinks her proper share of white wine. Tracy is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Zach Niles is a creative director, a strategist, entertainment producer and a social justice advocate. Zach has a pulse on global and cultural trends and how they can shift perception and change behavior. Zach has managed talent and produced events the world over with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Madonna and Paul McCartney. He is best known as having produced Lakou Mizik of Haiti and the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars. Zach is a graduate of Middlebury college.

Shoshana Silverman is a creative director and strategist with better command of the English language than most politicians. A serial academic, Shoshana holds a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Master's in Social Work from New York University, and a Master's in Spirituality, Mind Body, and Psychology from Columbia University Teacher's College. She is also a graduate of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. In between scholarly pursuits, she brings all of this significant education to bear as she magically determines the perfect word to embody a brand name or tagline. She humbles us and clients, frequently.

Assisting these fine folk are several producers from across the Haystack Needle spectrum, including but not limited to Jordan Knol, Jaime Lee, Chris Williamson, Reyna Boccio and Elissa Koop.

Nomeni is led by Townsend Belisle, a creative director and producer who delights in diverse, creative thinking. As the CEO of Haystack Needle, T empowers talent to exceed their own expectations and in doing so, their work exceeds client expectations. He has founded everything from performance groups to economic development initiatives. T is a graduate of Skidmore College.