Taglines are an especially sensitive subject to all involved.
Why? They’re almost entirely emotional. They exist to tell a user anything the visual identity has missed.

An effective tagline is:

  • Clear: blunt, informative; what is it that you do and what do you have to offer?
  • Concise: simple, easy to remember; 10 words or less
  • Memorable: lasting; users remember it long after it is no longer in use
  • Relevant: Why should we care? What are the benefits? What's in it for me?
  • Brand-worthy: reflective of the brand, fits the brand tone/voice/style
  • Consistent: timeless, steadfast, worthy of not changing


cows worth tipping
— Jasper Hill Cheese Company
taste greener pastures
— Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company
get in on the ground floor
— Atlas Real Estate Partners
America’s first free community wifi service
— Wireless Woodstock
straight up how to get your dream job
— Career Roundtable
boys of summer
— Hyannis Sound
sustainably delicious
— Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company
video at moment’s notice, all over the globe
— Fearless Company