We are brand focused. Creatively driven. Interested in you. 

Nomeni is a nimble branding agency designed for the times. We balance the personal investment of an in-house team and the flexibility of a freelancer with the capacity of a larger agency to execute across any platform.

At Nomeni, we follow the industry trends but lead with our own instincts for what fits each project. We are focused singularly on getting you the results that are authentic to you and your brand. We put a premium on simplicity and beauty, creating designs that delight, names that resonate, and messaging with impact.  

We can quickly tackle problems, develop creative solutions, and thanks to our friends in the Haystack Needle family, execute across any digital or print media.


Zach Niles

Creative Director

Zach is a creative director, a strategist, entertainment producer and a social justice advocate. Zach has a pulse on global and cultural trends and how they can shift perception and change behavior. With a zeal for wordplay and a deeply held belief in the power of a well-crafted story.


Andrea Cerrilla

Art Director

As a designer specializing in brand identity and digital experience, Andrea has helped numerous brands tell their stories in different ways. In all of her work, her goal is simple: to deliver unique design solutions by fusing content, form, and function in a beautiful and captivating way.


Brad Egnor

Design Director

Brad Egnor is a design director with four senses and a super power. Brad is a maven at clever, visual clues that tap the unconscious, raise eyebrows and challenge our clients to think creatively.


Joanna Blieden


With her keen eye for detail and love for client interaction, Joanna is your go to woman for all things production. She produces in many areas from video and branding to events and concerts and focuses on cultivating a positive, creative environment for both her team and her clients.


Shoshana Silverman

Creative Director & Strategist

Shoshana Silverman is a creative director and strategist with better command of the English language than most politicians. A serial academic, Shoshana holds a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Master's in Social Work from New York University, and a Master's in Spirituality, Mind Body, and Psychology from Columbia University Teacher's College.


Townsend Belisle

CEO, Executive Producer

Townsend Belisle is a strategic producer of creative media. He has many years of experience leading the strategy and business development for various creative communication and design firms. He has produced hundreds of websites, presentations, events, videos and print campaigns; and he takes pride in creating meaningful, memorable and measurable brand solutions.