We include both qualitative and quantitative audits assessing brand strengths and weaknesses as well providing strategic and concrete recommendations to solve any challenges we’ve identified.   

A Nomeni Brand Assessment can cover some or all of the following:

  • the perception of a brand: quantitative analysis built upon qualitative analysis (focus groups with very specific constituents to determine challenges and opportunities with consumers, clients, employees, investors, media; which then informs ideal surveys)

  • the digital visibility of a brand: digital reputation management audit/scorecard (quantifiable study of search results both positive and negative)

  • the reach and engagement of a brand: social media analysis (reach, engagement, sentiment, deep dive analysis of influencers interests and habits)

  • the tone of a brand: study of brand’s public facing content (tone of voice, consistency, attraction quotient)

  • the attractiveness of a brand: visual identity analysis (breakdown of the visual brand against a competitive landscape; and how to improve it)

While a comprehensive audit offers the most insight into a brand’s value and overall health, we can also discuss a client’s specific needs and recommend a more targeted approach that may only include one or two of our audits.

A comprehensive brand assessment can take 8-12 weeks, others, much less. These can be expedited without sacrificing details if there are urgent needs. The Nomeni Brand Assessment final report is an exhaustive document that details our findings with clear graphics and thorough written analysis.