Most clients opt for simple execution, which includes time from each of several strategists to understand everything about the brand, including the history, future and competition - and iterating on a dozen names. 

The process typically takes 2-3 weeks. It includes a general keyword competitiveness (uniqueness) and keyword popularity (volume understanding: we quantify the uniqueness of a name) but does not include any true competitive or trademark vetting.

Comprehensive and exhausting support includes screening against the USPTO trademark database, linguistic vetting (culture and language) and legal (trademark) attributes.

We approach naming from various angles of potential:

  • descriptive words

  • evocative words

  • inventive words (yes, made-up)

  • foreign/language root words

Effective brand names:

  • Pique curiosity and interest

  • Position your brand as the solution

  • Exhibit character and personality

  • Engage your constituents emotionally

  • Differentiate you from your competitors

  • Be memorable

  • Are simple, easy to pronounce

  • Distinctive

  • Suggestive, positive

  • Emotion-driven

  • Memorable

  • Appropriate

  • Easily spelled

  • Protectable (easily defended in legal and regulatory environments)


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